Meraki Truisms

Meraki Truism #1

Wage a Big Revolution When Someone Tries to Play You Small

What does it mean to be “played small”? I think you know, but to give you a good picture, it means having someone treat you as less than, or having someone discount you, having someone insinuate that you do not deserve a seat at the table.

Being played small:

If every conversation a man has with you who is in a position of authority in your place of work focuses on your appearance, you are being played small. I once was the first female manager of a restaurant that was owned by a group of brothers (so many red flags and warning signs that I ignored, but we’ll go in-depth on warning signs later). One of the brothers never spoke to me unless it was to either make fun of women in general (stereotyping) or to comment on my appearance in a sexual manner. We didn’t have #metoo and the Human Resource department consisted of one woman who had been best friends with the brothers’ sister before she died. He played me small at every opportunity. He discounted my ideas, reframed every conversation to be about sexual innuendos and physical appearance. I tried speaking with the other, more reasonable brothers, but no changes were made. I left. 

Another time when I was played small involved me taking a job where I could teach from home part-time and on campus part-time and the administrator over the college decided that he wanted everyone on campus 40+ hours a week, even if they had hired on for a flex work arrangement. He played everyone small. His way or the highway. I took care of what I needed to take care of and hit the highway.

Sometimes you can change the system from within – this is great. Sometimes you can change the system from without – also great.

Sometimes you have to have the wisdom to know you are not changing the current system. Do not let anyone put you in an “either/or” dichotomy. There’s always another option. There’s always a way to avoid being played small.

I believe that by partnering with young women and teaching them how to take charge and have power over their finances, professions, education, and relationships, together we can stop being played small and start a Big Revolution.

I inspire young women to master crucial areas of their lives. When you conquer your finances, your education, your business, your relationships, including the most important relationship, which is the relationship with yourself, you find success on your own terms.

Young women who master these areas of their lives can and will change the world for the better. Now that is a Big Revolution.

Young women who master self-control are the most powerful forces on Earth.

There is strength in community, and Meraki is helping to create a community of like-minded women who are capable of changing their worlds and are motivated to do so. This community is vibrant, creative, and encouraging.

I hope you will join us as we wage a Big Revolution against being played small.

If you’ve had experiences with someone trying to play you small, let me know. I’d love to hear your story and offer some insight on steps you can take.

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