Meraki – Welcome

A letter to you:

Hello You,

Welcome to Meraki. Are you supposed to be here?

Let’s do a quick check to see because this site and this information is not for everyone.

Are you a young woman who is between mid-high school and mid-20s?

Are you interested in changing your life for the better?

Are you looking for actions you can take to be more powerful in the following areas:

  • Career
  • Education
  • Relationships (with yourself and with others)
  • Finances
  • Communication Skills
  • Your image

Are you willing to put in the HUSTLE and GRIND to do the work to find success in these areas?

If this is you, then welcome to Meraki.

You’ll find ways to make improvements in your life ranging from the small steps you can take right now to tasks that involve time and dedication.

Here’s what I know about you:

You are looking for a change. You believe that you are capable of making changes (you absolutely are!). You are willing to work for those changes.

I am delighted to come alongside you in this journey.

2 things I would like to ask of you at this point:

1 – Either start a blank word document or invest in a journal. It is important to track your progress, reflect on your journey, keep tabs on work to do.

2- Send me an update via the “Contact” page to share your successes – and I want to hear them all – big and small, because really, there are NO small successes. Every success should be celebrated, and I want to celebrate with you.

I am so glad you are here. Congratulations on your decision to invest in you!

Where should you go now?

You can head over to the Quotes page if you need a quick hit of inspiration.

You can send me a note to let me know more about you and your goals (I’d love to hear from you!).

If you have some time to invest, head over the Meraki Truism page and get to work!