College – More Than a Face in the Crowd

Hello Beautiful Person,

Look around. Look around your classroom, your college campus, your online course. Who do you see? What’s your place in this crowd? How do you stand out? How will you make a great first impression, form connections, build a network, connect to the information you need, do well as a student and as a well-rounded human being?

The Secret Ingredient is YOU

You, yep – beautiful, undecided, unfocused, nervous, either too shy or too loud, or lost in between you – have what it takes to find success in the college classroom. Of course, we have to do some work (link to email ASK for workbook/guide to define success) on crafting your personal definition of success, but however you define it, you have what it takes to achieve it. What’s missing is the behind the scenes, insider information that doesn’t just level the playing field. This information puts you on the top rung of the ladder for succeeding in the college classroom.

Let’s Take a Selfie, Shall We …

Want to know what you’re working with and the system you are working in? You should. You need to know the scenario so you can understand what you need to do to rise to the top.

Let’s say you are in a class of 10 (lucky you! Small class) or 100 (tough break – sit in the first row <link to study group info>).

If there are 10 of you:

7 of you are only taking classes in a traditional classroom setting.

Over 1 of you is only taking classes online (link to online vs. on campus section), and over 1 of you is taking a mix of online and on campus classes.

Almost 6 out of the 10 of you are female. A little over 4 are male.

Almost 6 of you are under 21. Almost 3 of you are between the ages of 22-29. 1 of you is between 30-39, and less than 1 of you is over the age of 40.

Almost four of you are in a two year school, primarily a Junior College or community college, but also some tech schools as well. 6 of you are in a four year university.

Almost 6 of you are white. 4 of you are non-white, with 2 of you being Hispanic, 1 of you is Black, and less than 1 is Asian/Pacific Islander, and 0.1% is American Indian/Alaska Native. (link to network category)

Over six of you attend college on a full-time basis. Four of you go part-time. (link to time management)

About half of you live on campus. 1 of you lives with your parents or grand-parents, and four of you live off campus. (link to personalities info in Network category)

Out of the 10 of you, three of you have kids; 7 of you do not. (link to relationship and self-care categories)

Almost four of you do not work. Three of you work full time, and four of you work on a part-time basis. (link to work category)

Out of the 10 of you, 4 of you receive Pell Grants and 6 of you do not (get those scholarship applications ready! <link to scholarship info>)

So, now you know where you are and who you are with.

Success Straight Ahead …

Here’s what else you need to know:

After you have your own definition of success in the college classroom (link to ASK for defining success workbook), you will discover that you will succeed in Time Management (link), Connecting with your Instructors (link), Developing Strong and Effective Study Skills(link), Understanding the Benefits and Drawbacks of the Online and On-Campus Classrooms (link), and How to Be Your Own Best Self-Advocate (link).

You do have what it takes to succeed in the college classroom, and I am here to help you because I believe in you and I want to help you believe in yourself too.

Click on through to the defining success workbook or go directly to the areas you would like help with: Time Management, Instructors, Study Skills, Online vs. On Campus Classes, or Being Your Own Self-Advocate.

I’m with you!